Tourist attractions: amusement Parks

Not to say that amusement parks are in the lead among the objects attracting the most attention of tourists. According to statistics, they are significantly inferior and the rest of the sea and the traditional sightseeing tourism, highlighting the attractions large and small, cities. However, such large and well-known amusement parks family parks like Disneyland (Paris, Tokyo, Anaheim and Orlando in the USA), Europa-Park (rust, Germany), Port Aventura ( Salou, Spain) and some others attract a large number of tourists (several million people a year) and often become the main purpose of tourist trips. If you decide to visit a large amusement Park or even make it the main purpose of their trip, it makes sense to follow a few rules, including for security reasons.

First, avoid overly extreme rides, especially if you have any serious health problems or tendency to nausea from traffic congestion. The press has repeatedly reported about the death of people due to riding extreme rides. And the death was caused not because of faulty rides, but because of the overload, comparable to accelerations that have a lot of professional military pilots and astronauts turned out to be excessive for organiziranog person. In order to become a military pilot needs to have perfect health (this can be verified in a comprehensive medical examination), and in order to get to the extreme attraction you just need to buy a ticket. Even if after such entertainment, you will remain alive and relatively healthy, overload causing vomiting bad tally with a pleasant stay. By the way, for kids and Teens extreme amusement rides can be even more dangerous than for adults. Do not put themselves and their children at risk due to the fact that engineers and managers competing amusement parks at some point lost its sense of proportion.

Second, modern large-scale amusement parks are usually divided into several parks, each of which is made in a certain topic. Try if possible to visit more than one theme Park per day. Otherwise, your impression may be blurred by the difference of the visual design theme, and the number of positive emotions for a day to be excessive. As the Japanese say, too much good is bad too. Rides give a strong impression, and the face when a lot of well go into a bad state of health during their visit comes much earlier evening closure of the amusement Park, and in children and adolescents this transition occurs much faster than adults.

Third, do not try to visit all the amusement rides big amusement Park. Even if you put aside the high cost of this business, you don’t have enough nor the time (two weeks and it will not be enough), nor health, nor the desire (it gets boring). Therefore, initially set a list of those theme parks and theme Park rides that you would like to visit.

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