Top 5 creepy abandoned amusement

There is light at strange tourist attractions – eerily quiet theme parks and hotels that do not accept their visitors. These theme parks were for some reason abandoned today and left to rot.

It would seem that theme parks should be filled with screaming kids, covered in cotton candy, and their caring parents. In fact, instead of fun in these places is eerily empty, creepy, and frightening silence hangs in the air, no signs of life.

Strange, but these places, for a long time have come into complete disrepair, attract many tourists wishing to get a hefty dose of thrills.

Scary rides

Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

In 1969, the Park has been opened, is located in Plänterwald. The Park was given an honorable and pleasant mission – to delight families from Berlin and other German cities. In 2002, the family owners, which owned the Park (now known as spreepark), moved to Lima, Peru where they tried to start another Park. Berlin gradually the Park fell into disrepair.

Park Six Flags, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hurricane Katrina destroyed many of the buildings, he did not regret Park Louisiana,opened in 2000.

A storm devastated the neighborhood, inundating many of the attractions of the theme Park. It was said that the object was going to revive, but unfortunately, the project failed to implement.

Park San Zhi, Taiwan

These unusual retro-futuristic building was designed and built in Taiwan in 1978. The purpose of this resort was the involvement of the us military stationed in East Asia. These plans do not become reality, as the lack of investment has forced the owners to abandon this idea in 1980. Currently, however, there are new plans, and there is every reason to hope that the resort will have more commercial success than the previous one!

Amusement Park in United States, Fort mills, South Carolina

In 1980-ies in the United States opened a Christian theme Park, a sort of Studio “Walt Disney”. In the Park of South Carolina had all the trappings of a traditional amusement Park, so what was the reason for the closure of this Park? In 1989 hurricane Hugo caused severe damage to the territory of the entertainment complex. However, some areas (approximately 2,300 acres of Park land) was used for new projects. From the former entertainment complex, there are only unique castle.

Gulliver’s Kingdom, Kamikushiki, Japan

Japan has a fairly large number of abandoned amusement parks. This is interesting, (currently abandoned) theme Park based on the classic novel by Jonathan swift, is probably the most terrible of them all. Even during the heyday of the Park there was a lot of everything but one. It is strange to think that people don’t want to look at the 45-meter version of Lemuel Gulliver tied to the ground at the foot of mount Fuji. However, it is true.

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