Theme parks in China

China are interested in today many tourists having been there once most likely, you will not have time to visit everything. Because in China a sufficient number of attractions that will not leave you without delightful emotion. But if you do not like just to walk around town and look at these old houses and strange architectural monuments, then you definitely need to visit amusement parks in China. They are not so little, and so we will tell you about the most famous theme parks.

The most famous of all theme parks in China is located directly in the capital, it is the Valley Park Fun.

The Park occupies 170 thousand square meters. In the Park you can enjoy not only water slides and roller coasters, but also to participate in various competitions, watch theatrical mini plays, play magicians and more. The most important thing in a visit to this Park what would you have had the strength to ride all the rides 120, which are located in the amusement Park. And of course in this stunning location you will have to eat, choosing Kaveri fast food to your taste.

The entrance to this amusement Park is about 160 yuan. And drive you can either by taxi or by public transport.

One of the most visited and popular tourist Park is a little on the outskirts of the city and called the Park of Shijingshan.

You will be able to visit the Park daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shijingshan, Beijing, China in entertainment Kingdom, operates about 40 rides which are sure will not leave you indifferent. This Park attracts tourists not only for its attractions but also its not opisujemy the beauty of nature. To enter you will need to buy a ticket, the cost is not much only 5 yuan, and each ride is paid separately, from 5 to 50 yuan. To the Park can be reached either by metro or by bus. Routes and how best to get a better look or guidebook or ask at your hotel how to get there.

Horse that in China there is a Park of great Walt Disney – Disneyland. It was created in 2005 and became only the 5-th on account of the amusement Park Disneyland. The Park is divided into four main zones: the Main street, the adventures, the Country of the future and Fantasy land. Main street never ceases to amaze all visitors with vivid dancing and fireworks. In Imagination the children will meet their favourite cartoon characters and will be able to take off to cuddle .

The country of the future will impress you with its fantastic attractions.

One of the most popular attractions is the Grizzly flats, it can be accessed only in this Park. Guests sit in the cart and with a very fast speed travel. The Park has many different rides and so be sure to visit it at the earliest opportunity. You can get there by metro or bus, it is better to clarify how best to get there.

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