The Warner Brothers Madrid

The Warner Brothers Madrid is an amazing place for vacation with children or with good company. It is a small town located in the suburbs of Madrid and covers an area of 55 ha. it was founded in 2002 and immediately gained popularity among young people, and fond of children, thanks to the wonderful characters from Disney pictures. A large part of the Park there are green lawns, gardens and fountains, however, the fun rides, there also will not be bored and find their fun entertainment for everyone.

Amusement Park, Madrid’s Warner Bros.

To visit the Warner Brothers in Madrid means to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration, fun and masses of adventure. At the entrance you will receive a special map indicating the layout of Spanish Disneyland, and the location of roundabouts. The most popular of them is marked with a carrot, and about breathtaking painted diamond black. For the convenience of visiting the theme Park is divided into several thematic zones, each of which has its own specifics, among them: 1) Hollywood Boulevard is the main Avenue of Warner Brothers in Madrid . Its open spaces are mainly located restaurants, shops and souvenir shops. Note to parents! Place of obshestvennosti in the amusement Park mainly offers fast food, so if you prefer healthy food, it is better to worry about this in advance. 2) Town cartoons – a favorite area for the youngest visitors, on its territory parents and their inquisitive kids will be able to get acquainted with beloved disney characters and to dive into a magical world of attractions together with the famous heroes. This is where you can find the carousel, even for babies (children aged 2-3 years). 3) the World of superheroes zone is a lot of attractions, named after the popular film and cartoon stars. Entertainment this sector is designed primarily for adolescents, though adults there will also be something to do, why are only unusual roller coaster… 4) the World of kinostudii – part of the Park, allowing you to be in the centre of the popular blockbuster. It regularly hosts a great show with special effects that reflect the paintings from the series: “Police Academy”, “Charmed” and others. Most interesting is that one of the main characters can be your child. In addition, the area is extreme attractions and places of entertainment for young visitors.

5) Wild West – sector, reminiscent of movies about cowboys, waterfalls, ponies, horses and large canyons. So get ready for a dizzying race at hardwood hills on fast trolleys and vivid impressions. Tip: along with a map at the entrance to the Park is given a programme of performances and shows on a particular day, be sure to follow it not to miss the most interesting moments of a fantastic trip. The most popular rides: The Vengeance of the Enigma”, simulating a fall from a high tower, and The Adventures of Scooby-Doo that allows you to ride on the family train to the fabulous world of Disney.

Time works theme Park Warner Bros Madrid

Famous Spanish amusement Park open all year round, a specific period of reception depends on the season. So, in the summer the rides are open daily from 11 to 24 hours, and in winter – to visit the entertainment facility only on certain days from 11 to 19.

The price of tickets for the rides Warner Brothers in Madrid

The Warner Brothers Madrid is fun, requires little expenses. Thus, the cost of admission for adults is around 40 euros, and for a child – about 30 Euro (by the way, this is almost two times lower than prices on tickets to Disneyland Paris!). Much you can save when you advance order tickets on the official resource of the Park, and in the case of travel after 16.00. The last option is not the best because the price is about 5 euros, and to visit all the rides until closing you will hardly have time.

How to get to the attractions Warner Madrid?

Theme Park Madrid Warner Bros is located close to the Spanish capital in the town of San Martin de La VEGA. To reach this area ways: 1) On the train This type of transport follows on line 3, and departs from the station Atocha in the direction of Parque de Ocio station. The road will have to spend about half an hour. 2) Bus To the Park should route No. 412, departing from Villaverde. To enter you will need to stop La Veloz. 3) the car is Not the most convenient way of travelling in unfamiliar cities, but if you are a regular guest of the Spanish capital, then you can use the services of rent a car and continue on the A4 motorway, Salida 22, defining a specific route on the signs.

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