The strangest amusement parks in the world

Who among us has not heard and not wanted to go to the famous Disneyland? Or in the Berlin zoo or the Legoland Movie Park. These parks are a Paradise for children and the opportunity to return to childhood for adults. But among this category of entertainment, there are parks, whose visitors must have a certain taste and imagination (to put it mildly) to feel the pleasure of their visit.

We have compiled a list of the strangest amusement parks in the world:

Hersheypark, USA.

You wanted to shake hands with chocolate? Then this Park is the desire to become a reality! The streets Park walking the masterpieces of pastry and culinary arts, posing for the cameras and entertain the kids. It is a pity that they and the rides are in the Park in large numbers, not taste.

JEJU LOVELAND, the island of Jeju, South Korea.

That is to say, Disneyland for adults. The motto of the Park is:” Lowland is a Park in which to give full freedom to your imagination!”. Sex, erotic and carnal embodiment of love found its resting place in the 40,000 square Park, where there are 140 sculptures of varying degrees of frivolity. According to the founders of the Park, they help young couples to find svoyput ‘ to sexuality and natural beauty of the human flesh.

University Of Leeds, UK.

This symbolizes man’s dreams of a slightly different nature. Children and adults are unable to operate construction equipment at original size. And is not required for this rights! Also the parks ( in the UK 4) are a variety of attractions, of course, all in the form of excavators and tractors.

Grutas Park, Lithuania.

Perhaps, it is the biggest Park in the world. Visitors have the honor to meet Stalin, Lenin and other Soviet leaders. The Park was created to ensure that people have not forgotten about the harsh times of the Communist past.

Park “World Joyland”, China.

Paradise for lovers of strategies. Heroes of games such as “Starcraft” and “World of Warcraft” come to life on the streets of the Park. Attarction, vehicles, and landscape created in the spirit of “Fairy Lake”. Park, of 600, 000 square meters, can make any dream come true fan-gamer.

Park “Kawaii Paradise” in Tokyo and

Park ” Harmonyland “, Oita Prefecture, Japan.

These theme parks created in pink and white and dominated them Hello kitty – cat comics with a pink ribbon on the ear.

Park “Särkänniemi Adventure Park”, Tampere, Finland.

This Park is still under construction. Apparently, soon fans of the game “Angry Birds” will live to shoot birds at pigs!

Park “The Holy Land Experience”, Florida.

This is the theme Park of rides and attractions there is Calvary and crucifixion, and instead of views of the animals and acrobats of the day played out biblical scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion and glorious resurrection, there are models of the tomb of Jesus and Herod’s temple.

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