The most terrible and dangerous attractions in the world

Scary rides are popular all over the world. The release of adrenaline helps a person to improve well-being and to rethink many things. After a dangerous rides life takes on other colors, and removes fatigue.

The most terrible and dangerous attractions help to mobilize forces of the body and to improve the response. Adrenaline fills the body with energy.

We offer top of the most terrifying rides in the world:

“Lookout tower”. Las Vegas. 350-foot tower with amusement rides on the height of bird flight.

“Big shot”. Las Vegas. Catapult is a leader in the top of the most terrifying rides. The attraction takes to the skies (330 meters) at a speed of 70 km/h, freezes and falls from a height down.

“Carousel Crazy”. Las Vegas. Nacelle participants rotate face down over the precipice.

“X-Scream”. Las Vegas. Such attractions are very scary even with repeated participation. The trailer rushes from 350 m in height at the time of braking the trolley jumps over the rails. This is one of the most dangerous rides in the world.

“The Flying Dutchman”. Catapult in St. Petersburg is headed by stesnyaetsya in Russia. The van takes off at 54 meters up and then falls back down, spinning around its axis.

“Kingda Ka” (New Jersey). This slide is not in vain fell the 10 most terrible amusement. 140 meters, which takes off the trailer at a speed of 200 mph.

“Colossus” in England. What is the scariest ride? Perhaps it is this. 850 meters of the track at a height of 30 meters. The carriage moving along the track at a speed of 70 kmh and from time to time turned upside down.

“White Cyclone” in Japan. The rating of the scariest rides in the world would be incomplete without this phenomenon. The track is 1.7 km away and the 42-meter height. Cars race at speeds of over 100 mph.

“TowerofterrorII” in Austria. This is the scariest ride in the world 2013. Tower of Terror soars to 115 meters, slows down and falls down in 6 seconds. The participants are in a state of weightlessness. Then the van takes off again and falls.

“Dodonpa” in Fujiyoshida. This unique entertainment masterpiece closes the top ten most terrifying rides in the world. The train accelerates to 175 km / h in 2.5 seconds. Thus in 4 times increase the acceleration of free fall. Participants the feeling that they’re gun-running on rails.

The worst rides always cause great excitement among the participants. Scary attractions in Moscow you can find almost all amusement parks.

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