The Europe Park is located in the South West of Germany, in Baden-württemberg. close to Freiburg – the unofficial capital of the black forest, 60 km from the world famous resort of Baden-Baden. In this area converge the borders of three countries: France, Germany and Switzerland. The Europa-Park can proudly look back on its highly successful corporate history. 250,000 visitors came to the opening ceremony in the summer of 1975. Today, more than 4 million visitors a year turn Europa-Park into the largest amusement Park in Germany and Europe. About 80 million people have visited the Park since its creation! Europe has long been the Park became more than just a classic amusement Park. Europa Park is kind of small copy of the unification of Europe. Each country is represented its village and relevant attractions. Altogether there are 13 countries: UK, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Is, for example, a Russian village with the space station “Mir”, Russian balalaika and grandmother on the bench and roller coaster! The Park more than 100 attractions and various shows. Involving approximately 160 artists from 25 countries. During the day you can visit almost usaeurope, however, the day to walk around it will be hardly possible. Europa Park its size far exceeds many amusement parks in Europe. After all, the point of the Park is 85 acres for fun!



The history of the Park – official data:

Opening: 12 Iusa 1975

Location: Germany, Baden-württemberg, the city of rust (Rust), a few kilometres from the A5 motorway, near the border with France and Switzerland.

Area: total area: 85 hectares

Location: a Park with large trees and Balthasar castle built in 1442

Concept: 13 European themes, more than 100 attractions and shows, integrated into the architecture of the theme

Owner: family Mak (Mack)

The staff this season: more than 3,100 employees

The number of beds in hotels in the Park: 3500

(Hotel Colosseum, Santa Isabel, El-Andalus, Castillo Alcazar)

Facts and trends of the 2009 season

The number of visitors in 2009 (summer + winter): more than 4 million!

The total number of visits since inception: more than 82 million!

The nationality of the visitors:

Germany: 49%

Switzerland: 20%

France: 19%

Others: 12%

The average age of visitors: about 28 years

The average length of stay of 8.2 hours

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