The EUROPE PARK – the most international Park in the world. To grasp the immensity, as we know, is impossible. And yet. Europa Park in the whole of Europe can be circumvented in a day. It is located in the South-West of the country . where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland. (in rust . close to Freiburg – capital of the black forest. At a distance of 60 km from Strasbourg . 240 km from Frankfurt . 175 km from Zurich and 380 km from Munich ). Before going to any part of the Park, you have the first walk around classic German Boulevard . where with a wide and welcoming smiles you will meet Euro-Maus with his girlfriend and elephant Euro-Fan. After the walk you will have to wait for the monorail train . where you will be able to drive around little Europe . Once here you can “visit” Austria, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Chocolate Land, the land of the Vikings and the Palace Park. Near the German Boulevard romantic Palace Park: quiet, filled with a delightful floral aroma. Here is a castle defence – one of the oldest fortresses in Europe, built in 1442. In the Palace Park we should look closely to the old stumps; sometimes they turn into dwarves. Countries in Europa Park predstavlenye their most typical and unexpected features. In the Beautiful Italy is a Palazzo in Baroque style and the Venetian carnival; in Spain, the knights fighting with magic swords; in the Seventh heaven in France in the centre of a huge silver sphere, every hour starts Eurosat, carrying their passengers in rapid flight, when “the wind whistles, and the girlfriend screams” next – Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. Russia in Europa Park opens the GUM is called one of the stations of monorail. The main attraction, of course, a roller Coaster. Rolling with a 28-metre high by a huge mirrored towers, the passengers find themselves right in the center of the Russian countryside. Here Mickey mouse is dancing with the groom, the bells toll, ride the sled around the forest, playing in Grandma’s doll, bloom sunflowers, go guys jerkin, write icons, burn pots and blown glass fabulous flowers. By the way, in addition to ethnographic wonders of the Russian Countryside there is a model of space station “Mir”. Of course, you can, if you want to race you one day.

But you can know the Park in more detail, if you stay at one of his hotels. The first two hotels in the Park appeared in the Spanish territory: El Andaluz 4* and Castillo Alcazar 4* . First built in Andalusian style, the second resembles a medieval fortress. Later opened its doors the third hotel “Europark” – “Coliseum” . The project cost is 45 million euros. The extraordinary beauty of the hotel is fascinating. The glory above it conjured Italian masters, painted at home, the cathedrals and temples. Its architectural ensemble is reminiscent of the famous ancient arena of Rome. And last year, opened a fourth hotel Santa Isabel in the style of a Portuguese monastery. All hotels have no room resembles another.

The Europark in Germany in its scale far exceeds many amusement parks in Europe. Its recognition one of the best parks – a worthy and well deserved award

The PARK is OPEN: summer-fall 2015 season: the Park opens 28.03.2015 till 08.11.2015 is open from 09:00 to 18:00 winter season 2014/15: 24.11.2012 – 06.01.2013 open from 11:00 to 19:00 24.12.2012, 25.12.2012 – closed

The birthday child up to 12 years for child admission is free.

The nearest airport Stuttgart, 168 km airport Frankfurt on the main, 238 km Nearest railway station: Ringsheim, about 4 km away.

It is possible to organize individual round of ANY set of additional services. We will find You accommodation according to Your wishes.

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The EUROPE PARK - the most international Park in the world. To grasp the immensity, as we know, is impossible. And yet. Europa Park in the whole of Europe can…

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