The Amusement Park Of Cosmonauts

The weekend or your holidays at any time of the year is a great reason to go with the whole family in the amusement Park. To receive a charge of good mood, riding the “galloping” around a horse, or experience the thrill of “flying”- there is hardly a child who will refuse such a tempting offer. Be sure to observe all safety rules while riding the rides. Before you buy tickets to a particular attraction, find out if it fits for Your child. It is enough to familiarize with the Rules of attraction, which are posted on a special plate, just before the entrance to the ski area. After landing, the parents are obliged to leave the ski area and out over the fence of the attraction. Remember, during operation of the attraction the presence of unauthorized persons in the work area of the attraction is strictly prohibited. The Park has rides, meets all safety requirements. All attractions of the Park are daily maintenance and allowed to operate.

Attraction “Children’s maze” Description: the Most courageous ready to pass this test, you are waiting for crossings, manholes, pipes through which you have to go! Good luck my little friends! The ticket costs 40 RUB (15 min.)

Attraction Yunga Our ship travels the seas and oceans. Description: ticket Price – 40 rubles.

Attraction “the hand Bell”Description: Booths-bells to pick you up and carry above the ground. Ticket price – 40 rbl.

Attraction “Electromobility” Description: rally for the kids, but the brave conquerors of roads. The ticket costs 60 RUB (3 min.)

Attraction “Flight” Description: every child’s Dream to be a test pilot, helicopter or military jet ticket Costs 40 RUB.

Attraction “house of mirrors” Description: Cheer up for life, you can look at yourself in a completely unexpected way ticket Price can be found in the offices of the Park.

Attraction “Sports trampoline” Description: Somersaults, flips, pirouettes will become subservient to you and safe on the trampoline. Ticket price – 40 rbl.

Attraction “Jump 4” Description: Somersaults, flips, pirouettes will become subservient to you and safe on the trampoline sports. The ticket costs 40 RUB (10 min.)

Attraction “Inflatable slide” Description: a Wonderful opportunity to experience downhill with a huge inflatable mountain ticket Costs 40 RUB (10 min.)

The bumper Description: Riding on this popular attraction, you can experience sensations that you never experience on a real road – a surge of adrenalin when confronted with the neighbouring car. Attraction makes it easy and painless to get in an accident. You can have the will, perseverance, ingenuity, pursuit of the selected object or dodging too pushy neighbors. Attraction develops reaction speed, agility, quickness, the ability to assess and analyze the environment, make quick decision and to put it into practice. And what positive emotions, a surge of adrenaline gets every skiers! Ticket price – 40 rbl.

Attraktsion Solnyshko Description: You can see the planets of our galaxy revolve around the sun. You can choose one of them and go on a journey with her! Ticket price – 40 rbl.

Ride “Bumper boats” Description: Operated motor boats on the water for adults and children ticket Price – 50 roubles (children’s) 60 RUB. (adult+ child) 80 RUB. (adult)

Attraction “canoe river” Description: in an Indian canoe on the winding, rushing river, steer your paddle and go on a fascinating voyage ticket Price – 40 rbl.

Amusement shooting gallery “Stracke” Description: Real shooting range where you can shoot at targets and a Kalashnikov and Sniper rifles. Ticket price – 50 rubles (11 shots) 100 RUB (22 rounds) 150 RUB. (33 shots)

Attraction “tyre pneumatic” Description: Shooting with air rifles (classic) cost of the ticket is 40 rubles (4 shots)

Horse-the price of the ticket – 50 RUB.

Visiting the Zoo Animals: brown Bear, wild boar, grey wolf, canadian wolf, rhesus monkeys, raccoon dog, badger, polecat, black, Fox, Golden pheasant, goat, home, decorative rabbits, sea pigs, chickens decorative, Shetland ponies, home goose, Guinea fowl, pigeon, decorative, silver – black Fox, black bear, Mallard, mink. Ticket price – 50 rubles.

Attraction “Astronaut” Description: If you have ventured passed this test, consider yourself an astronaut, because after this flight, you do not scary. Ticket price – 50 roubles (1 person) – 60 rubles (2 pers.)

Attraction “the Whirlwind” Description: This ride really lives up to its name. From the first seconds of the session you will feel the real air vortex, pleasantly cooling hot body seeking to mess and mix up the hair, to check the strength of fasteners on the clothing. And all this accompanied by a realistic sensation of impetuous flight. Ticket price – 40 rbl.

A single ticket for the attraction 250 rubles. (more info at the ticket office of the Park)

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