Superland amusement Park in Israel

Among the sand dunes like an oasis in the desert, the shining is an amazing theme Park — Superland. Here and a day is not enough to enjoy all the variety of rides. Exotic plants, waterfalls and even a lake, you will create an unforgettable festive mood!

Superland is one of the most popular amusement parks in Israel. If you want to celebrate any memorable date or just a fun and great to relax, then this place is for you! Thousands of tourists from different countries come here to have fun.

Attractions in Superland a dime a dozen for every taste and for all ages. In a special delight will come young people who love adventure and adrenaline. The biggest roller coaster of two types of crazy craft, Indian coups and many other attractions which are truly breathtaking!

Worthy of attention and water rides of the Park. Among them the descent of the water slide, on a wooden canoe, a journey through the wonderful and scenic river, surrounded by fabulous vegetation, and of course the magnificent artificial lake. All are very refreshing especially in hot, Israeli days.

Small children will love Superland, because here they will be able to ride all sorts of rides, machines for the collision, the train that runs through the entire Park and make a virtual kosmicheskiye into space. Amusement Park of this magnitude will not find in any of the cities of Israel .

The Park itself is rich in stunning scenery — artificial statues, mountains, waterfalls and a sea of green vegetation, which is comparable in its beauty only with the Baha’i gardens in Haifa. To view all of its beauty you will be able to ride the funicular, and from the height of bird flight to enjoy an unforgettable view of the Superland.

The administration of the Superland has created all conditions for comfortable rest — lawn,for picnics, lockers and toilets.

Children 2 years and adults – 109 shekels. Conscripts – 85 shekel. Pregnant woman (7 months) – 85 NIS. Invalid – 85 shekels. A resident of Rishon Location – 85 shekels. (The price of admission involves riding all the rides as your heart desires, except of the jump with the rubber band)

Days and hours of operation

The Park is open in summer on Saturdays and holidays (For information on the exact opening hours in the desired day to you, please contact Park Superland).

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