Spain, Port Aventura

In the world there are few places where every adult and child will feel like a fairy tale. In such places, come true the dreams of children, and adults can take in the feelings that were experienced playing the game many years ago.

One such place is the Theme Park PortAventura is located in Catalonia, one of the regions of Spain. This unique place in the world, only then you may also rent a car to travel around the world, then find themselves in the Wild West, Splendid China, splendid dances of Polynesia.

The whole Park is divided into several thematic zones. Each themed area of Port Aventura represents a particular area of the planet, inherent in the region’s features and attractions. To move through the territory on foot, alternately passing from one zone to another, you can make a circular detour all Port Aventura on the train, looking at all the beauty.

A huge number of water attractions makes the stay at Port Aventura especially exciting in hot weather. There are rides for both children and for all who have outgrown infancy.

Thematic areas of Port Aventura

The Mediterranean is the first thing that greets every visitor a beautiful Spanish Park.

Wild West – who did not consider himself as a child in a cowboy on a spirited horse or an Indian.

All who loved westerns, will get to Port Aventura a lot of feelings.

Mexico – the history of ancient mysterious civilizations that existed in Mexico and the opportunity to touch them with my hands is the dream of many.

China – great architecture and the biggest roller coaster of those that I have met will not leave anyone indifferent.

Polynesia – you can say a lot about the beauty of dancing and girls, but it’s better to watch it live.

In the Park a few dozen different rides, which is nice distinguishes Port Aventura . familiar to us from amusement parks is the ticket. Once you buy a ticket to enter in the future visit all the rides for free, any number of times. So what is beneficial to plan a vacation for the whole day from early morning until evening. From personal experience – one day is not enough, so at least aim for two.

How to get to Port Aventura

Port Aventura is in Spain. close to the towns of Salou and La Pineda, in a hundred km from Barcelona. From Salou and La Pineda every thirty minutes go coach, the journey time is approximately twenty minutes.

If you are traveling from Barcelona, to get to Port Aventura on the train from the following stations in Barcelona-Sant Andreu Comtal, Barcelona-Clot-Arago, Barcelona-Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona-Sants. The journey time is approximately 90 minutes.

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