Rest for the brave

Residents of modern cities all the more difficult something to surprise.

If earlier, the observation deck with a beautiful view was an exciting adventure in themselves, but today the creators of “elevated” structures are forced to go further by offering visitors new and unexpected rides on top.

For extra inspiration, we have gathered for you some interesting options with some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Go for it!

Insanity, United States, Las Vegas

Let’s start without much reverence, with the most insane — in fact, that is exactly the official name of this attraction. It is located on the observation tower of the hotel-casino “stratosphere Las Vegas” and is a conventional carousel. Except that you have to spin over a 300-meter abyss in 20 m from the edge of the roof. Insanity rotates pretty quickly, developing an overload in 3g, and passengers are, of course, face down.

One of the main canadian attractions, which is annually visited by about two million people, is the television tower the CN tower (CN Tower) — the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. The most delicious in her attraction called EdgeWalk, which translates as “Walk beyond”. It is at an altitude of 356 metres narrow walkway surrounding the tower, devoid of any fences, and walk where brave tourists, of course, securely fastened safety cables.

Ericsson Globe, Sweden

Sports Palace, built by the Swedes, is the largest spherical building in the world. In 2010, the creators have attached to it the mobile observation platform SkyView, too, in the form of balls, but of smaller diameter. In General, the design resembles a mini Solar system around the sun Ericsson Globe rotate two glass planet with a capacity for 16 people each.

Muscovites fiercely proud of their business quarter “Moscow-city”, which has become almost more popular “onion” of the capital, than the Kremlin wall. However, as it turned out, not everyone’s been on the observation deck, located on the 58th floor of the Imperia tower. And in vain: there, visitors will enjoy not only the magnificent view on the capital’s vastness, but beautiful and detailed layout of the project “Moscow-city” with all the already built and planned buildings only.

Victoria Peak, China

The highest point in Hong Kong, named after Queen Victoria, crowned with an incredibly popular tourist viewing platform, which opens a marvelous panorama of the island. And part of amusement rides and additional entertainment this place is a serious contender for world domination is here and the historic cable car that carries visitors to the top, and an abundance of themed restaurants and cafes (including, for example, the famous “Bubba-Gump” based on “Forrest Gump”).

5 Fingers Viewing Platform, Austria

This observation deck, shaped like the palm, located in the Austrian Alps and includes some of the much more simple but not less popular of delights for lovers of heights. Each of the five “fingers” of the site has its own feature: one floor is glass, the other a telescope.

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