Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World at Sentosa Singapore is a Grand attractions that will appeal to both children and adults.

Universal Studios Singapore — a theme Park dedicated to the magic world of cinema. In addition to the dizzying roller coasters, Park guests waiting for rides, recreating well-known Hollywood movies. The dinosaurs of “Jurassic Park”, hiding in the tropical jungle and the breathtaking stunts of the “Water world”, favorite cartoon characters of “Shrek” and “Madagascar”, show futuristic sci-Fi series Battlestar Galactica and the new York sights, including Broadway musicals in the legendary brodacom theater Pantages Hollywood Theater, movie special effects, for example, a devastating hurricane, and mysteries of ancient Egypt, presented in the spirit of box office hits “the Mummy” and “treasure Hunters”.

Marine Life Park . The name of the Park — “sea Life” — speaks for itself. The unique Park has one of the largest aquariums in the world, which is home to countless marine species. Sharks, dolphins, rays, reef fish and many other inhabitants of the underwater depths, which can be seen in their natural habitat. In addition to entertainment and exploring the sea life, the concept of MarineLife Park includes an interesting educational elements, research and the protection of the ocean, marine flora and fauna.

Maritime Xperiential Museum — another amazing theme Park, presenting an innovative look at the history of the Maritime silk road. Here guests can plunge into one of the greatest eras of history, tells about the development of trade routes between Asia, the Middle East and Europe — with a real marine adventure and Maritime pirates. Central to the Xperiential Museum is a Grand 3D multimedia theatre, where visitors climb aboard an ancient Arabian sailing ship that sank off the coast of Singapore 1,100 years ago. The ship gets caught in a terrible storm and sinks, along with “passengers” who, when darkness recedes, find yourself in a fabulously beautiful and exciting world of the ocean depths.

FestiveWalk is the place where no one never sleeps, shopping and entertainment Park with a working clock shops, restaurants and attractions. Among the mandatory entertainment two exciting shows. Crane Dance — in translation from English means “Dance of cranes” and “dance of the cranes”, and is a fantastic dance of two mechanical cranes, which during the action with stunning light, sound and water effects, become real birds. Lake of Dreams (Lake of dreams) — a great show with flaming dragons, water cannons and laser special effects.

On-site Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore is more than 60 restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, where visitors are offered a huge variety of dishes from all over the world, from Cantonese delicacies and exotic Brazilian cuisine to local traditional dishes and delicacies of Haute cuisine from famous chefs such as the French culinary master joël Robuchon, a Japanese master Kunio Tokuoka or well-known Australian chef Scott Webster.

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore is not only a grandiose theme parks and attractions, but also unique shows, concerts of international stars and a wide variety of entertainment. So, guests can visit the festival of Asian popular music, Sundown Festival, see exciting MMA show fights Sentosa Martial Combat, which is broadcast in 24 Asian countries, to admire the fantastic stunts circus show “Voyage de la Vie”, which brought together stars of circus art 16 countries of the world, or watch performances of street artists on the picturesque territory of the Park, and for fans of gambling at the Resorts World Sentosa Singapore open luxurious casinos. Unique Spa-center ESPA located on the territory of Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa island. The specialists of this complex offer its guests a memorable and fascinating journey through the world of Spa treatments, which can become the memory of their lives! From the first minutes of stay on the territory of the complex, which, incidentally, is the largest in Singapore, you will feel that you are a thousand miles from civilization, a large and busy city.

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