Port Aventura

Port Aventura – a world famous Spanish entertainment complex, which is a theme Park. It is located close to Barcelona in one of the attractive tourist towns of Salou.

Port Aventura – the best entertainment in Spain

This Park is called as the Golden Coast of Spain, every year, for new experiences and adrenalin come here more than three million people. Built in 1995, Port Aventura is a fairly large complex, spreading on the area of 117 hectares. Here are more than 40 different rides and attractions, in addition, the infrastructure of the Park includes four hotels, a water Park, aquatic, beach clubs and well maintained Golf course.

In the heart of Port Aventura is a wide lake with an area of three hectares.

The Park is divided into six themed areas, walking on them, everyone can do something exciting trip around the world – just for one day to visit many countries and in all parts of the world. The entertainment Park has Mediterranean and Chinese area, Wild West, Children’s country sesame, Mexico and Polynesia. Port Aventura guests can watch as 90 different views can enjoy them not only in theatres but also under the open sky.

The first area of the entertainment complex is the Mediterranean. It is made in a rustic style, here kontsentrirovaniya and cafes, is a large number of souvenir shops. In the most popular part of the zone is the fastest in Europe attraction “Furius Baco”. Opened in 2007, today it is included in the top-10 fastest roller coasters. Because of these unique metrics for the attraction can go not all – there are restrictions on growth. In the Mediterranean there is a real pier from where visitors can go to other interesting areas on the ship. In the next area of Port Aventura, called Wild West, attractions, buildings and even landscapes imbued with the cowboy spirit. Here you can visit the shooting range to choose a target and feel like a real cowboy.

The next zone is the extensive entertainment complex – China, its highlight is the most expensive ride in the Park Shambhala – the highest roller coaster. In addition, there are less extreme attractions, designed in typical Chinese style – “Fumanchu” and “Tea Cup”. There are children’s games. Fans of quiet rest for the soul will have area Polynesia. Here you can visit the cinema submarine simulator “Sea Odyssey”. The newest, opened in 2011, the area is sesame it is made in the style of a children’s program “sesame Street” and contains attractions for the youngest guests of PortAventura.

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