Port Aventura

If you travel to Spain with children, don’t forget to visit the most famous theme Park, Port Aventura, which is rightly compared with the well known Disneyland.

The Park is located in the village of Salou, which is not far from Barcelona. Every year, this amusement Park is visited by over 3 million people. The territory of the complex is 117 ha, the Park has more than 40 different rides.

The complex includes not only an amusement Park but a water Park called PortAventura aquatic, Golf courses, beach clubs, 4 hotels. In the middle of Port Aventura is a lake, which area is 3 ha.

The theme Park consists of 6 themed areas. Among them, the Wild West, the Mediterranean, China, Mexico, Polynesia, China, children’s country “sesame”.

The Mediterranean

In this part of the Park there is a stylized Mediterranean village. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

“Furious Baco” is an attraction for a long time was considered the fastest in Europe. Now he is in the TOP 10 fastest roller coasters from around the world. It can accelerate to 135 km/h in just 3.5 s. However, the ride may only those customers, whose height exceeds 1.4 m.

The dock is the most convenient way to travel around the Park. From the pier depart boats to other areas of the Park. Of course, this method has its drawbacks. Prezhdevsego, it’s too slow form of transport. In addition, in the morning at the pier is going quite a long queue.

Wild West

All buildings, types of rides in this area impregnated with a cowboy spirit.

“Stampida” – this ride is unique because in the world there are no more trains that travel on the wooden rails and can make stunning descents and ascents, as well as the coups. Ride can people, whose height exceeds 1.2 m.

“Tomahawk” – the attraction acting on the same principle as the previous one, only that it is adapted for children. Ride can people rising at least 1 meter. Minors must ride with an adult.

“Silver river” is a water attraction. Tourists can float down the river on a stylized tree trunks. Note that the river has significant elevation changes.

“Rafting in the Grand Canyon” – a water attraction in which visitors can float down a mountain river on a huge cylinder. However, here allowed children up to a height of at least 1,4 m.

In the “Wild West” there is a special railway station of Remorse, where you can catch a train to the Mediterranean.


“Mine train” – a kind of roller coaster with the longest route, but no particularly sharp elevation changes. In the story, the train descends into an abandoned mine and went through the corridors of an old abandoned mine.

“Yucatan” is the carousel, which is a rotating blade. The man’s height should be at least 1.1 m

“Feathered Serpent” – the attraction consists of three rotating arms that push the round boats, which allows them to get off the ground. The limit to growth is less than 1.2 m.

“Temple of Fire” – the maze, the end of which visitors can see an amazing fire show with very interesting special effects (departing from under the feet of flooring, and it is falling down the beams).


Shambhala is the most expensive attraction of Port Aventura. This is the highest roller coaster in Europe. Their height reaches 76 m. the Attraction was opened on may 12, 2012 Literally, for the first two days it was visited by 15 thousand people.

The tea-cups carousel, booths which resemble tea cups. Visitors can use the steering to guide the rotation of the booths. Ride can children taller than 1.1 m Minor tourists can be to ride only with an adult.

Children’s area – area in which territory there is a carousel and rides, designed for children, the growth of which more than 1.4 M.


“Tutuki” water attraction that allows visitors to “get” in the mouth of a volcano Tutuki. For skiing tourists twice falling into the lake from the top of the volcano. Falling speed is 50 km/h.

“Kon-Tiki” is one of the best air rides in Port Aventura. In fact, this traditional pirate ship suspended on a thick chain. He is able to take visitors directly to the clouds. A particularly acute experience is guaranteed for those who will be placed at the end of the ship.

“Sea Odyssey”. In the story, visitors enter a specific underwater laboratory guide (a Dolphin Yourself) to get acquainted with new research in the field of Oceanography. During the visit there is a signal underwater with vodka, which went astray. The guests have to participate in the rescue boats.

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