Park Asterix in Paris

The funny adventures of two buddies of Asterix and Obelix devoted a lot of comics, cartoons and some films. But in the French capital in honor of these exciting small built even themed entertainment complex! It is in Paris. in the amusement Park and the Parc astérix theme we go for a walk today.

How to get to Parc Asterix?

There are several ways on how to get to Parc Asterix:

Drive the 30 km by car via the A1 motorway from Paris towards Lille. For the right to leave the car in the Parking lot will have to pay 8 euros for the day.

To take the RER train and drive it on the line to the station at the Airport, where transfer to walking to Parc Asterix bus.

Book a transfer from Paris that makes the most sense when traveling with a large group.

Amusement Park Asterix in Paris

All the rides in the Park Asterix is divided into five thematic groups-villages, each associated with a particular time and culture:

The Roman Empire. The most interesting attraction in this village is, without a doubt, can be called Romus and Rapids. This is a rather quiet trip on the river tubing will enjoy not only adults but also children.

Vikings. The attractions of this village will appeal to all fans of extreme sports. Roller coaster, Goudurix will be carried out at a speed of 75 km/hour on all my hinges and the flying ship Galera will give you the thrills of swinging 90 degrees.

Gallium. In this village, wishing to tickle your nerves you should pay attention to the Menhir Express and the Big splash. Sitting in stylized trailers, they can bravely zip through a lot of water hazards.

Ancient Greece. This village will delight your guests wooden slide Thunder of Zeus, the largest in Europe. Do not leave them indifferent and a Trojan horse is swinging in all directions at a height of 12 meters platform.

Time travel. Guests of the village will get the opportunity to go down in an inflatable boat on a mountain river – Oxygenation.

Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of Australia, here is what to look for not only local residents but also curious tourists who visit this country. A huge variety of attractions both modern and ancient is waiting for you in Melbourne.

Near Berlin lies a real tropical island. Can’t be – you will think. However, do not jump to conclusions. Tropical Islands is a huge entertainment complex with avoparcin, which covers an area of 8 football fields! And here was a real tropical forest – trees, vines and other exotic plants. Read more about entertainment in the Park read our article.

The Scottish lake Loch ness is famous throughout the world not for its beauty, and the famous Loch ness monster. Whether it exists in reality? We can’t give you an answer. But many tourists travel to those regions with the hope to unravel the mystery of this lake, and if lucky enough – to see Nessie (the so-affectionately nicknamed the Loch ness monster).

Germany is famous for its large quantities of green parks. One of the most famous parks in Berlin’s Treptow Park, has become known for its memorial to Soldiers of the Soviet army. It was established after the Second world war. We invite you on a virtual tour of Treptower Park, sit back and read carefully!

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Park Asterix in Paris
The funny adventures of two buddies of Asterix and Obelix devoted a lot of comics, cartoons and some films. But in the French capital in honor of these exciting small…

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