Nara Dreamland

The abandoned amusement Park “Nara Dreamland” in Japan

If you think that you are the incredible luck was a witness to the shooting of the Thriller, and here the team of producer will fall into place – you are wrong… Welcome to the abandoned amusement Park “Nara Dreamland”!

The Park is located in Nara Prefecture, Japan. It was opened in 1961 and was ready to celebrate its 45th anniversary, if visitors wanted to come to visit him. But the sad state of Affairs has forced city officials to close the city’s children’s dreams due to low attendance and huge losses. 31 August 2006, all employees of the Park and the guests just left this great place and didn’t come back again.

The design and layout of the Park very similar to disney California adventure. Here also has its own train depot, Sleeping beauty Castle, steep turns rollercoasters and monorail. But time is not spared “Nara Dreamland” and all designs are rapidly destroyed, reminding’t already a childhood dream, but a nightmare.

It is impossible to believe, but the Park was once even their charms — Ran-Chan and Dori-Chan – the little ones dressed as security guards. And now the Park is protected by the police, and real entertainment for the brave tourists is to get into the Park through the double fences topped with barbed wire and ground obstacles. If you think that security guard you just will stop and write out fine — the bitter and unfortunate mistake. This is the place where you can catch a bullet without warning!

Experienced Park visitors are advised not to experience nerves, but if the dose of adrenaline you need the best (read — least safe) time to visit “Nara Dreamland” will be the dawn, or the snowy day of the year.

Before closing the Park operated a variety of entertainment complexes:

• Asuka – wood road, reminiscent of the “Cyclone” in Coney island

• “Screw Coaster” — a roller coaster with a “double corkscrew”

• “Bobsleigh” — a roller coaster, a replica of the structure in the Matterhorn

• “Fantasy Coaster” and “Kid’s Coaster” and all sorts of the carousel and the jungle cruise!

In the cafe “Nara Dreamland” can still be seen arranged for the guests tables and coffee machines that are ready to buy coffee… And time-worn, faded colors will bring you back to reality Park… dead!

Sunrise at the abandoned Park – the most peaceful time of the day for desperate tourists!

Deserted streets proudly trying to keep “decent”…

Solitude and silence cal attention. And every sound, be it the rattle of iron or birdsong, can unhinge even the most stable mind.

A year after the closing of the Park the scale of destruction it has been the global nature!

Some rides are so well preserved that the impression that now somebody will start the motor, the carousel will begin to spin and the sound of children’s laughter!

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