In Russia

In Russia will be Europe’s largest indoor theme parks

Parks will become the real fairy-tale towns, where each zone is dedicated to the famous cartoon Studio DreamWorks

In the next few years in three Russian cities will appear the famous theme parks by DreamWorks, from the depths of which came dozens of films and animated blockbusters. The first Park will open in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

According to the report of the group of companies “Regions”, which will implement the development, implementation, and management of objects, the opening of the first Park is planned for 2015.

DreamWorks parks in Russia will be the world’s largest indoor facilities operating all year round. The height of the ceilings and the building will be 35 meters — about 13-storey building.

In all three cities, parks will have a unified concept and plan. In particular, in addition to the rides, parks will house a concert hall, a 4D cinema, three-star hotel with 400 rooms and a shopping centre.

In addition, the adjacent area will accommodate Parking for more than 10 thousand cars.

As noted in the press release, a number of license agreements for the construction of similar facilities has also been signed in Shanghai and the U.S. state of new Jersey.

It is assumed that percistant these fabulous cities, where each zone is dedicated to the famous heroes of such cartoons as “Shrek,” “Kung fu Panda”, “Madagascar” and “How to train your dragon”.

In the Central square of the Park every ten minutes will pass children’s performances, and a multifunctional auditorium will show the most famous show from the Arsenal of the Studio.

Of course, not without amusement-related characters and scenes beloved by the Russian audience of the cartoons.

It should be noted that today in Russia there are no theme parks, which could in its scope to compete with the famous “Disneyland” and “Legoland”.

Despite the fact that on the construction of theme parks as foreign license and the original Russian, I say often and a lot, all these projects are usually either closed at the stage of design or construction-ready project is postponed indefinitely.

Of the latter, stated theme parks in addition to DreamWorld, it is possible to note “City of masters”, which will be built in one of Moscow’s largest shopping centers.

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