In Belgium

In Belgium a great many amusement parks, natural parks and special places for walks. To list them all is impossible, therefore, confine ourselves to the most popular amusement parks.

Park Walibi (WALIBI). Open daily from early April to end of September from 10.00 till 18.00, on Sundays, public holidays and school holidays to 19.00. Entrance 28.5 EUR. Colorado, fabulous cave of Ali Baba, Kangarooland, river Raja as the tornado, Sirocco. Adventure, the thrill, the most unexpected fantasies await you at Walibi!

Aqualibi (AQUALIBI). Open from 14.00 to 21.00, Friday to 23.00, Saturday from 10.00 until 23.00, Sundays from 10.00 to 21.00. Monday and Tuesday are days off. Entrance 13.50 EURO. Just a fabulous pool in the tropical atmosphere: palm trees, exotic plants, bright daylight. The water is 29C all year round! Great place to stay. In addition, a variety of water activities: slides, wave pool, jet stream, trough length of 140 m, etc.

Park Bokrijk (BOKRIJK). The Park is open all year round. The open air Museum is open from early April to late October, daily from 10.00 to 18.00. Entrance 5EUR on Sundays and public holidays 7EUR. Botanical garden, rose garden, groves, lakes and a zoo can all be found in the Park. A unique open air Museum with old mills, small chapels, Krestyanskiye, country Inns and town houses where you can meet representatives of the various crafts engaged in their traditional business – is a perfect illustration of Belgian history.

Park Plopsaland (PLOPSALAND). Open from 30 March to 14 April and from 27 April to 1 September. Entrance 19,75 EUR. The Park is located on the coast near the French border in the former Meli-Park, updated and well-maintained. Place, without a doubt, very beautiful. At the entrance of the Park dancing fountains and enchanting scenery.

Park the bellevarde race piste (BELLEWAERDE). Open daily from April until the end of October. Entrance 23.5 EUR, children 3-11 years EUR 18.5. Plenty of entertainment: from boat visit of the real jungle before the descent down a mountain river, and a pirate adventure and a breathtaking competition divers.

Park Paradiso (PARC PARADISIO). Open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 (July – August), 18.00 (late March to early November) (the entrance to the Park ends at 16.00). Entrance 15EUR. “Paradizio” opened in 1994 on its territory you can find the ruins of the ancient Abbey of the Cistercian order, with the adjoining buildings. Here you can also see a wonderful bird garden with Europe’s largest aviary for birds and a greenhouse with subtropical plants.

Thousands of birds and plants from around the world. Among the ponds, fountains, bridges and flowers, there is a place for children’s games and entertainment: live at the farm baby animals, which you can even Pat, next to a restaurant with a terrace. The Park organises events on various topics throughout the season.

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