Where in Italy is the amusement Park Gardaland, and whether to go with the kids?

The Gardaland Park is among the best entertainment parks in Europe. It was founded in 1972 and got its name after the nearby lake Garda. The Park is a bit like Disneyland, but it is not its copy. It is an independent complex with its recreational amenities and features. The area of the country entertainment is 500 thousand square meters. The Park is for people of all ages, from younger visitors to adults. This Park is the most famous and popular in Italy and is located just 1.5 hour drive from Milan. On its territory there are more than 40 different rides, including for fans to tickle your nerves. In addition to all sorts of entertainment there are shops, restaurants, a hotel and a huge aquarium.

If the purpose of your trip is solely this Park, you need to try to buy tickets to Brescia or Verona, and from there to the Park can be reached by train (it is just two kilometers from the railway station Peschiera del Garda). Directly from the station to walk is not necessary, from there you can get the free bus shuttles.

In the Park visitors will not find the usual takanawadai Mickey mouse, and most of the rides are water-oriented. The imagination of the organizers of the Park can only envy, seen striking in its scale and diversity. To leave this Park in a bad mood just not possible. In the Park there are many places where you can have a picnic, instead of having to visit a cafe or restaurant.

All the rides are divided into red, blue, and green zone. The first area is most suitable for those who love the thrill, the second, for fans of fairy tales, and third, for fans of different adventures.

Before you begin to get acquainted with the Park, you need to see his map because without a map to navigate it will be very difficult. In red on the map marked with attractions for the youngest visitors, there are a total of 16. For children created an entertainment district called the Kingdom. In this area you can take a trip on different boats, ships, trains, planes, watch different animals. In green on the map marked with attractions for older children and adults there are a number of extreme rides, ride on, which is not everyone. The most extreme is the attraction with the eloquent title “the Blue Tornado”, which allows visitors to make a loop, it does not raise to the sky on this plane.

The greatest number of visitors in this Park occurs in August and September, when along with tourists in this Park attracts a large number of local residents. At this time, the trip is best not to plan, not to spend a lot of time to stand in queues. If you do go to this Park in a period of great influx of visitors, that though as-that to save time and not to stand in long queues, you can use one of two cards: Family pass or Adrenaline pass. It all depends on what attractions you’re more interested in, but if you want you can buy both cards. These cards give the right to attend the rides without waiting in line, but with a large flow of tourists they quickly run out and to buy them in the Park need to come in the morning.

Who wants to complement your holiday with a visit to the water Park, can drive just five miles away and travel to the wonderful water Park Caneva World that can please a number of extreme slides. In addition, near the lake located Safari Park and Botanical garden.

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