France: Asterix Park

France: Asterix Park, the home Park of the Parisians

The village of the Gauls, Ancient Greece. Roman Empire, Egypt. country fearless Vikings and the streets of Paris, the Musketeers… Here all along. After all, it is a famous amusement Park Asterix . located just 30 km from the capital of France.

Park based on the story of the beloved French comic book hero and cartoon Asterix opened April 30, 1989. He works 12 months a year and takes up to 1.8 million visitors a year.

Parisians consider it “home” Park: after all, tourists here. Though for tourists there are different ways to issue your tickets without payment for the visa and soon to be in this tale. And the visitors here are much smaller than in the popular Disneyland, and virtually no queues. And that’s entertainment enough!

The Park is divided into 6 historical zones. In each of them guests are welcomed with the characters of the comic book in the appropriate era costumes.

In “Egypt” you can ride the children’s roller coaster on the charming wooden train or test yourself on the dizzying roller coaster inverted coaster oziris.

“Ancient Greece” offers a peaceful boat journey on the river of Elis and the roller coaster “Flight of Icarus”. You can test yourself by taking a trip to Olympus under the menacing rumble of the angry thunder of Zeus (Tonnerre de Zeus ride) and get a lot of pleasure in tetrapogon where are the seals and dolphins, and then again to tickle the nerves, having been in the tentacles of Hydra of Lerna, or inside a Trojan horse.

In Rome restless: Caesar lacks true centurions. So you have to pass many tests to be enrolled in the army: to cross the rapids of swift rivers Romus and Rapids to ride in a chariot, to experience a vertical descent with a 30-foot hill. Those who have overcome the thorny path of a warrior of the Roman Empire, waiting for a meeting with Cesar and hilarious Comedy show.

A lot of interesting attractions and entertainment await visitors Park in other areas: all kinds of slides, cars for kids, water rides, bobsled slide, a carousel and even a trip on the Ghost train at the underground castle, where live bats, skeletons and mummies.

Amazing magic show and you move from era to era, performances and celebrations of the Bastille, theatrical performances and the authentic Greek market where you can buy sweets, toys and Souvenirs – a day at the Parc Ast?rix, will be one of the brightest memories in your life!

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