European amusement parks

In this bus tour, your children will be very happy. Remember the song by Edita Piekha on the ticket to my childhood? We have such a ticket! Give your children an unforgettable adventure and go back to your childhood with them! Five parks, four days at sea and lovely cities of Europe, collected in one round, will be a real treat for young travelers. Hundreds of amusement rides and a box of chocolates with an area of 800 sq. m. the Castle where sleeping beauty lived! Music and sweets! Roller coaster and a carousel! Asterix and Mickey mouse! Vivid impressions from this vacation you and your child will remember for a long time.

Departure from Moscow with the Belarus station by train.

2nd day: Transit through Poland

Transfer by bus through Poland. A night in a hotel on the way to Berlin.

Breakfast. Moving to Berlin. A visit to the Berlin zoo. Overnight at hotel in Germany.

Aviatour, the flight to Berlin. Transfer to the city centre, joining the bus group.

4th day: Park Imagination land

Breakfast. Spend the day at the Park Fantasy land in brühl. More than thirty high-speed rides and games will take visitors young and old “Fantasy land” in the unique and exciting world of fairy tales and adventures. The move to France. A night in a hotel on the way to Paris.

5th day: Paris. Parc Asterix

Breakfast. Departure to Paris. Visit the Park Asterix is an amusement Park and the famous French comics and cartoons about the Romans and the ancestors of the French – Gauls. In the evening accommodation in hotel in suburb of Paris.

6th day: Paris. Disneyland

Breakfast. The full-day trip to Disneyland – the world of fairy tales for children and adults.Familiarity with the main attractions and monuments of city’s famous palaces, boulevards, squares and bridges, the Eiffel tower. Overnight at the hotel.

7th day: vallée de La Loire. Castles Clos-Luce and Ussé

Breakfast. A trip to the Loire valley. We will visit castles Clos-Luce and Ussé. The castle of Clos lucé is one of the most famous castles, where he spent the last years of the genius Leonardo da Vinci. Of particular interest is the collection of models of machines built according to the drawings of Leonardo: the prototype airplane, helicopter,car, tank, swing bridge, parachute. The castle of Ussé is known today under the name “sleeping beauty castle”. When Sleeping Beauty pricked herself on the spindle, all the inhabitants of the castle slept, frozen in place. Fabulous figure in medieval interiors, depicting elegant ladies, gallant men, nobles and many other characters, will introduce us to the life of a real medieval castle. A night in a hotel on the way to Spain.

8-10 day Vacation at sea

Breakfast. The move to Spain. Accommodation at the hotel on vacation. Azure sea, rocky coves and sandy beaches, rich cuisine and distinctive traditions – enjoy plenty of rest and don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted closer to the country during the tour. In his spare time organises optional excursions to Barcelona, amusement Park Port Aventura*.

Breakfast. The rest of the sea. In the evening departure from the hotel. A night in a hotel on the way to Montelimar.

Day 12: sucreries Montelimar – Hauterive

Breakfast. Departure to Bordeaux – one of the most remarkable small towns of Provence. The sign “Welcome to box of chocolates with an area of 800 sq. m.” invites you to visit the international Museum of sweets. Transfer to the city of Hauterive, where one of the most bizarre places in France. This is the only architectural monument in the world of naive art “the Ideal Palace of the postman Cheval” – national treasure of France. Moving to Burgundy. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 13: Europe-Park

Breakfast. A visit to Europa-Park. This Park is often compared to the French “Disneyland”, and not in favor of the latter. Here is an amazing opportunity to see Europe from a different angle of view, immersed in the atmosphere of the holiday. It is a world of adventure, connecting modern entertainment technologies and achievements of architectural thought. The Park is divided into areas of entertainment – “Germany”, “England”, “Scandinavia”, “France”, “Switzerland”, “Russia”, “Spain” – with many interesting and fascinating attractions. Overnight hotel in Central Germany.

Breakfast. The move to Munich. Free time in the city centre, departure to Prague. Overnight at the hotel.

Aviatur: in the evening transfer to the Munich airport, departure to Moscow.

Breakfast. A visit to the Prague zoo. The Prague zoo belongs to a number of attractions, not just glorifying your city, but it is the pride of the Czech Republic. Moving to Poland. Overnight at hotel in Poland.

Early departure from the hotel Departure by evening train to Moscow.

Arrival in Moscow at the Belorussky railway station (morning).

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