Europa – Park, Germany

The second most popular amusement Park “Europa-Park” is located in rust, in Germany (the first place is Disneyland Paris), near the famous Spa resort of Baden-Baden. If you look at the ratings of tourist sites in Germany, we can see that he also holds the second position after the German architectural treasures of the Cologne Cathedral. The Park is just a huge area of 62 hectares. Around it in one day is impossible. Every year the Europa-Park welcomes about three million people. It was first opened in 1975 and for all time the Park has evolved and became more unique and visited by tourists from around the world.

The original idea of the creators of the Park is that every section is a any country of Europe in miniature, covering their main attractions. In addition, there are awesome built rides that are designed in Germany and are safe. Here, a well-developed tourist infrastructure, so problems with transport and accommodation should arise. Once coming here, you will want to return again and again.

The story of the creation of the Park

This Park has a long history, it is almost 40 years old, but the management of the Park postojannogo modernizes, develops new amazing rides and organizes interesting entertainment programs for adults and children. Currently the owner and founder of this incredible amusement Park is Ronald Mak. He also owns the company “MackKG”. Before him came the idea of creating their own amusement Park, he worked for Disneyland Paris, and it has produced “roller coaster” and other attractions. In 1975, Ronald Mack decided to build the “Europa-Park” and make it more popular and famous than Disneyland. And he almost succeeded. For this he chose a very beautiful and historical place: Europa-Park built around the castle of Valtasara, which is one of the oldest fortresses in Germany.

Park Roland Mack is the only one that simultaneously develops and operates its own attractions, and they stand out for their beauty, originality and neatness of the designs. All Germans are firmly convinced that “Europe Park” is the best in the world, and even Disneyland Paris is inferior to it in beauty and originality. Really, this would be difficult to argue.

Amusement Park

The whole territory of the Europe-Park is divided into 11 thematic areas, representing the countries of Europe: Germany, Spain, France, England, Russia, Italy, Greece, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries. If You want to see all corners of the Park for a short time, you can use monorail train, which with the wind will give you a ride in the Park. But if you come here seriously and permanently, it is best to avoid all the zone on foot by yourself, will get unforgettable impressions. In addition to the amazing and breathtaking rides for guests organized a very colorful show program.

Over the entire area of the Park are souvenir shops with interesting knick-knacks on the memory and other things. The most popular and favorite rides are roller coasters, the height of which the peak point is 75 meters and a speed of up to 130 km per hour. Vivid impressions you will receive in the area of Greece, where the 850-foot water slide “Poseidon” accelerates you up to 70 km/h In the “Switzerland” go downhill “Bob” and “Lightning Matterhorn”. Turbulent emotions of a very realistic rafting through the turbulent streams and roaring waterfalls you get in the zone “Norwegian fjords”. Also in the Scandinavian area, take a ride on the wooden roller coaster adrenaline on which the train can reach speeds of a hundred km/h. it is Interesting to wander through the Russian themed area, where you can stroll along the Moscow Gum, ride the roller coaster “Euromir” and see the layout of the submerged space station “Mir”. Then the master write icons, blown glass in fancy shapes and bake Russian pancakes. Not so long ago opened Colosseum, allowing visitors to experience the atmosphere of ancient Roman gladiatorial fights.

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