“Dungeon of fear”

Gift for lovers of adrenaline: new attraction “Dungeon of fear”

It is no secret that in our time the person who is engaged in routine work in the city, from time to time need a shake-up, a useful splash of emotions. How can this be done in Saratov?

Skydiving: arrive at the airport, to be trained to wait for their turn. And, weather permitting, to make the leap. Or get behind the wheel of your favorite car, go to the track, accelerating to 200 km/h. Yeah, maybe you get an adrenaline rush, but think that such actions can lead to truly unexpected consequences. Of course, all this involves considerable risk, and even the threat to lose their freedom.

But there is the passive extreme, which entails no less a storm of bright emotions and adrenaline.

The attraction is open daily from 11 to 22 without an appointment. During his visit, a person can experience a storm of bright emotions. Fear is the main feeling that comes to mind after passing the “underground”. Fear makes people going for absolutely crazy things. Of course, each of us has experienced fear, not once. Agree, the feeling is not pleasant. But remember, what was your feeling when it became clear that openinterval or that there was any danger at all. Fear usually follows such a relief and sense of security that any other way to call it is impossible.

It is inherent in human nature itself. And as soon as the danger passes, the organism realizes its full potential to compensate for stress. But the funny thing is, many people are willing again and again to be subjected to fear, then to re-experience a storm of positive emotions.

Passing this ride, people sometimes reach hysteria. Those terrible screams that can be heard from this dungeon, it is impossible to confuse with a laugh. Persons who passed this sinister maze filled with horror and fear.

The majority of visitors passed the attraction, experiencing not the most pleasant of feelings when they have the blood with adrenaline. “Heart’s in my mouth”, in my head there is a hum, starts a daze – so describe your condition to different people who visited the attraction. Residents and guests will have an incredible adrenaline rush, and after visiting the attraction more long stay under impression.

Outset – if you believe in yourself and consider yourself a coward, then this is the place for you! The faint-hearted don’t belong here!

BUT! If you consider yourself a fearless and invulnerable, then this is your CHANCE to check yourself for strength. Come and try to reach the end.

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