Disneyland and water Parks of Istanbul

Going to Istanbul with a baby, is to ask in advance than it can to entertain, except for the animation at the hotel pool and walk on the ferry on the Bosphorus. In fact, the choice of “children’s” area is quite large, but in the first place is to visit local water parks or entertainment center Disneyland.

Disneyland in Istanbul − the realm of fairy tales for children and adults

Until recently, the most popular place among tourists visiting Istanbul with children, was the Park “Tatilya” – he was considered one of the world’s largest indoor entertainment centers. It vacationers are accustomed to call the Turkish Disneyland.

Buying one ticket which costs 20 euros, a few hours to wander through this tale – enjoy a colorful show, ride a variety of rides to battle in a computer game. To eat at the Park to leave no reason – several local restaurants are ready to offer the most extensive menu at a price of 3 euros.

But now “Tatilya” reports the palm to his successor – “Istanbul Vialand”. This is a real Disneyland in Istanbul . 26-th in a row version of the American city entertainment, which opens its doors to adults and children. Began his Straits Eyup in 2011, and the first tourists he would take the 23 April 2013, children’s Day, which in Turkey is considered a very important occasion.

The Park covers an area of about 60 hectares. It will be a real festival of joy and fun – rides for people who prefer the sense of security and for lovers of extreme sports, artificial lakes, rivers and waterfalls, dozens of venues and hundreds of shops, restaurants, cafes and dance halls.

And children most of all will appreciate real magic castle area of about 2000 square meters, inhabited by various fairy tale and cartoon characters. According to preliminary calculations, is a fantastic Kingdom can take up to 5 million visitors a year.

Aqua Park in Istanbul – slides, waterfalls and dolphins

The climate of Istanbul most of the year is not conducive to a beach holiday. But to spend time on the water in this town in the two major water parks – Aqua Marine and Aqua Club Dolphin.

Aqua Park in Istanbul under the name of Aqua Marine is located in Buyukcekmece, close to the sea. There are beaches and slides, water rides for big and small, as well as restaurants and bars. Cost of stay from 12.5 to 35 Turkish liras depending on the age of the visitor. Very young children frolic in the water Park for free.

Aqua Club Dolphin is located on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, in the district Bahcesehir. It enjoys even greater popularity, because there are regular Dolphin shows, the cost of such a program about 15 pounds.

The main disadvantage of Aqua parks in Istanbul. Staying in the center will be not so easy to find the way. Therefore, the best option is to order one of the local tour operators, the daily pass in any of the water parks. This service cost 35 € per person the price includes not only entry and payment, show-programs, but the transfer from hotel and back, lunch in the territory of the entertainment complex.

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