Amusement parks in Rimini

About soboa place in the resorts of Rimini-Riccione is theme parks and water amusement parks.

Directly in front of the beach there are two water parks: first, the famous “Aquafan”, the Park with many water rides and discos in the evening and at night, among them there is a special disco for children “Points hell pupi”. It is the largest water Park in Europe.

Aquafan has five heated pools, one of which with an area of 2800 square meters, with an artificial ocean waves.

Water slides, a Solarium area, Spa pools, picnic areas, restaurants, fast food, bar. Here you will also find an artificial beach with beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, night swimming. Can ride on roller skates.

The second – “beach village”, it is somewhat smaller, but its advantage is the direct location on the beach. The Park has heated pools, water slides, beach volleyball, jet skis, surfing, catamarans, pool and games for children, mini club with babysitters. There can be bodybuilding, aerobics, water gymnastics. There are also cafeterias, private beach and Solarium. The evening, themed events, music and competitions.

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In Riccione is unforgettable Dolphin, created in 1962. This is the first building in Europe designed specifically for the maintenance of dolphins. It is possible to see demonstrations of these animals. In Rimini’s Dolphinarium, which was built in 1964. In addition to these acrobatic mammals, there you can admire rare tropical fish and exotic sea shells.

Close to Rimini and Riccione is surrounded by a large Park Mirabilandia, occupying 200.000 sq. meters of greenery. There you will find more than 40 rides, among which is a roller coaster, and in Italy they are called roller coaster. There is a circus, 3D cinema, exhibition jump into the water from a height of 25 meters, shows that are constantly changing and replenished. High demand performance with a stunt car and the performance of the ballet on ice. There is also the attraction of Maya, to try which can only be solved daredevils. This Park on the merit is one of the most popular in Italy.

The city bus takes you to the “Italy in miniature”. This is a theme Park in the territory of 85.000 square meters, where imagination has no boundaries and time. A large exhibition under the open sky: more than 270 Italian and European works of art, reproduced in a proportion of from 1: 25 to 1: 50. They are surrounded by manicured flowers and miniature trees. You can see from above with a special monorail train once all the exposition of Italy pocket scale.

The Park offers many attractions for children of different ages. Daily a large number of entertainment programs. On the stage of Italy Square, which in turn is a reconstruction of the Florentine Area of the Holy cross scale 1. 4, often, performances in traditional costumes. Here you can see Venice in miniature, a ride on the Grand Canal by boats on real water. Venice presents 119 palaces, which are only 5 times less than the originals. In the Park “Italy in miniature” there are parts of the catering and picnic areas.

In Rimini there is another popular Park “Fiabilandia”. It is surrounded by and has no architectural barriers. There you will find the village of the Wild West of America and the pirate Galleon.

Those interested can visit the fairy tale, Pinocchio-Pinocchio, who, as everyone knows, lives in Italy. Here lies a Lake of Dreams and find the castle of the Magician Merlino. Here you can fly like Superman, crawl with the caterpillar through the Apple, pass through the small jungle of Esoteria to see the Puppet Museum, to zigzag along the Eastern maze.

When the street gets hot, you can swim in the Sea of Frogs and dine in the shade of palm trees and baobabs. In the evening at the side of the steamer Mississippi offers a beautiful view of dancing fountains.

Don’t forget the children’s disco, Okkadisk where you are not allowed to adults. In addition, the Park has plenty of places where you can eat or how to eat.

In the summer of 2000 near Riccione (Cattolica) opened another theme Park called “Le Navi”. There you can meet the inhabitants of the sea depths, passing through a transparent underwater tunnel or look at the very center of our planet. Many light and music effects. There are the restaurants.

In addition to the above, near Rimini and Riccione is a range of other entertainment parks and attractions and the cities themselves all the amusement Park and features many halls with slot machines for children and teenagers of all ages. So don’t worry, your kids will always remember the summers spent in Rimini, Riccione.

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Amusement parks in Rimini
About soboa place in the resorts of Rimini-Riccione is theme parks and water amusement parks. Directly in front of the beach there are two water parks: first, the famous "Aquafan",…

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