Amusement parks in Germany.

Germany is famous for its museums, cars, highways, wonderful zoos, a delicious beer brewed according to the laws of 1516, football, beautiful cities, many of which have retained their medieval appearance, and amusement parks that are scattered across the country. Ideas of Walt Disney, which owns the invention, live in the country and win. There adults turn into children, and children are experiencing their most acute delight and greatest happiness. Travel company “the Whole World” and its German partners offer a wide selection of individual and family tours with visits to the most famous and popular of them. And in the first place, of course, Europe’s largest tropical water Park “Tropical Aylends”.

This Park is located 60 km from Berlin and 3 km from the small town of brand the train station. Here almost every hour trains arrive from the capital. and then in the water Park, visitors take a free Shuttle bus service. Furthermore, the schönefeld airport is a regular bus route to the Park. The fare is only 3 Euros.

The Park sprawls in a huge hangar, which impresses with its size. Length 360 meters, width – 210 meters, the height is 107 meters.

A unique complex form tropicheskii “Flower world”, swimming pool “South sea” with 2 Islands, the pool “Laguna Bali”, different waterfalls, Jacuzzi, sandy beach with an area of 860 sq m, a beach volleyball court, East market, tropical village consisting of several thematic zones: “Thailand”, “Malaysia/Borneo”, “Bali”, “Polynesia”, “Congo”, “Amazon”.

The water Park created a tropical climate. Water temperature is maintained not lower than 28, and the air temperature is below 25 degrees. In the Park there is a big variety of eating establishments offering national cuisine represented regions with total number of seats for several thousand people.

In the afternoon and evening there are a variety of performance artists, dancers and musicians from different parts of the world,

The entrance fee for adults € 26, children € 19.

The price for 1 person / day hotels nearby settlements – from 20 Euros.

“Europa Park Rust”

This is the second after the Paris Disneyland entertainment Park in Europe and has been operating since 1975. The complex is a sort of little Europe where you can visit several countries: France, Germany, Austria, Russia, great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavia.

“Europa Park” – the only Park in the world, which itself develops. manufactures and operates the attractions with German precision and thoroughness. Clou – Silver star, the tallest and fastest in Europe “roller coaster”. Height: 75 meters, speed up to 130/hour. It takes great pleasure attraction “Poseidon” with a water slide with a length of 850 km. which young and old alike travelling at the speed of 70 km/h. Here it is possible to ride in the Swiss quarter for downhill riding “Lightning Matterhorn” and “Swiss bobsled”. In the Norwegian fjords tourists rushing through rushing waterfalls and treacherous streams. In the Russian village of blooming sunflowers, bells ringing, go guys jerkin, craftsmen fired pots, write icons. blown glass fairy flowers, and you can also visit the famous space station “Mir”.

In the Park there are hotels of category 4*, where you can stay for the night. Recently opened its doors and the third hotel in the Italian style “Coliseum”. Besides hotels you can stay at the camping or caravanning in this tepee Indian village.

The cost of entry – from 22 to 26 Euros per day. For example, the entrance is free.

The price for 1 person / day – from 10 Euros.

The Park is located 50 km from the French city of Strasbourg and close to other attractive cities of Alsace and Lorraine.

This Park is located near the German city of Cologne. From Cologne to get to the Park is just 15 minutes by train. The Park has about 30 rides. The highlight of the program – space show “Galaxy”. An incredible journey through the milky Way and simulated space flight. In addition, there are “adventures in Colorado with Michael Jackson”, a spectacular cruise on Hollywood rapid rivers. “Loop”. “Viking ship”, “Tower Kodak”, “Berlin roundabout” and more. And more: “a Jet plane to the land of fantasies”, funicular “1001 nights” fantastic show “Fire, Water and Light”, an adventure show

“Captain Blackbeard and his pirates” and culinary tour “Berlin – Mexico city-Paris – Beijing”.

The cost of entry -24,50 Euros for adults and 19.50 € for children up to 12 years.

The price for 1 person /day – 30 Euros.

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