Amusement parks

Amusement parks have always been and remain the most popular holiday destination for the whole family, both children and adults. When regular parks don’t impress, it’s time to look for a vivid impression in a place bigger than you will help LEXTRAVELS . Disneyland

Its vast territory, the coolest rides, fireworks, balloons, music, awesome illuminations and fun adventure! Guess what this is? True, Disneyland . Every year the number of visitors around the world is growing inexorably, reaching the tens or even hundreds of millions of people from around the world! Any Disneyland, wherever he was, be it France, Florida, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Tokyo will delight not only children, but any adult!

Los Angielski Disneyland — the world’s first Disneyland is a stunning complex of eight themed areas. It was his example were built in other parks, such as fiery and colourful. Hong Kong . in contrast, the small and young. Curiously, though, the Park was created the prototype of American cartoons, but the Chinese note it has. For example, the Chinese food that has found its place in cafes and restaurants, or singing in Chinese Alice. Such a weaving of traditions of different continents. This, believe me, is worth a look!

If you stay in Europe, namely in France, the first stop representaion to be Disneyland Paris . consisting of two parks, as well as Nightclubs, discos, Golf courses, tennis courts, round the clock boutiques and a variety of hotels. Japan will also find something to make you happy: Tokyo Disneyland .  One of the largest and most beautiful parks in the world! 80 hectares, 47 of amusement, 7 sectors … are You still sitting and reading this description, being in Japan. Immediately gather family and friends, and run into the world of colors, fireworks and a killer mood!

Hurry up to book a tour to Legoland is another joy for the children of the world. The name of this amusement Park speaks for itself – complex, no matter what corner of the planet it was constructed entirely from Lego, although the sizes of the particles were slightly higher than usual.

The world’s largest Legoland is a Danish and it was built from more than 46 million particles . Here one’s imagination is not enough, you have to see it with my own eyes. The remarkable fact is that at the exit of the Park is the world’s largest Lego store, and the store brand of children’s clothing. And, of course, 8 theme zones for fans different types of entertainment, though… it is unlikely that you will have to choose any area Legoland ready to please each something special.

More than 45 million components of Lego and realistic recreations of famous corners of our planet in the heart of the Park – the California Legoland . German will please you not less than 140 hectares of the holiday, 40 amusement . views, LEGO factory, sandbox, restaurants… No, seriously, why are you still not there?

50 million (. ) of parts employed in the construction of the English Legoland . and it is not strange, after all, had somewhere to fit water features, fountains, where happy children splashing, boats, carousels, electromachine, magicians, balloons, and much more.

Legoland in Chicago is also waiting to welcome the most active and inquisitive. It is located in a shopping Mall Streets of Woodfield in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg and coming back better for the whole family. Here’s something you definitely plenty enough children in the jungle, spacecraft and other pavilions for outdoor activities.

Park Ferrari World

And what kind of entertainment prepared for tourists Emirates? Park Ferrari World . located in Abu Dhabi . the world’s largest indoor amusement Park! Sounds tempting, isn’t it? In the great excitement will come, perhaps, adults! Imagine for a moment the hugest in the world a gallery of Ferraris, a variety of special rides, race tracks, exhibition halls, cinemas and much more, and you are in the middle of all of this!

Fun Park and European-style resort in Spain is another entertaining adventure in which we will gladly help you get there. Park Aventura is the most visited amusement Park in Spain and sixth in Europe, and now you know why. Theme Park is six zones — “countries” . where you can see amazing performances and enjoy the magic of rides for all ages, a place of honor among which is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe. Visit Mexico, China, the Mediterranean and the Wild West with all the attractions within the Park. How are you?

Finally, let’s look in Sunny Andorra . entertainment centre, which is legendary Naturlandia. Artificial ice rink, mountain Hiking, Snowmobiling, paintball, bike Park, horse riding, archery and bowls, a children’s amusement Park, tracked vehicles… to Continue the list indefinitely and to relax even more!

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