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Parks and facilities Parks and facilities have made a fun and interesting place to be for people of all ages. The best part about visiting theme or amusement Park all of the fun rides you get to go on.

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The 10 most popular amusement Parks in the United States

The 10 most popular amusement parks in the USA consist of establishments that cover a wide range of entertainment genres. Some of these parks focus on marine and wildlife, while others focus on adventurous and accelerating rides. Other parks focus on entertainment based on the stories, themes and characters.

If you are on vacation with the family and you want to go to the amusement Park for a day or two of fun and adventure, you can get a good idea of the best amusement parks in America view the list below.

The number 1 is Disneyland, the world-famous amusement that has been wowing visitors of all ages for fifty years. Located in California, this amusement Park is eight colorful and delightful lands, each has adventure and nostalgia. Here you can enjoy the numerous rides and meet most loved Disney characters such as Mickey and goofy.

The number 2 is Universal Studios in Florida. This Park is perfect for movie lovers and fans of famous American celebrities. Here you can visit the sets of classic and recently produced films. As an added bonus, you can even have the opportunity you are your favorite actors and Actresses.

If you prefer to have fun in the water, you can choose to visit Florida’s Sea World at number 3. With about 200 acres, is one of the main amusement Park of sea in the world. At Sea World, you can find shows featuring the best aquatic creatures. It also offers water rides and the opportunity to interact with its marine animals.

In room 4, we have Busch gardens. In addition, in Florida, this amusement Park presents a spectacular environment based on the African continent. In Bush gardens, you can find numerous safaris and lush landscape where you can take images and encounter thousands of animals. It also has an area where you can relax after Hiking its spectacular trails.

Another excellent water Park, at 5, is Water world in Denver, Colorado. As a perfect place in the summer, Water world presents famous attractions such as Wally world and journey to the center of the Earth. Water world also has several rides including speed slide, the Red Line for youth and adults.

In number 6, we have Adventuredome in Las Vegas. This amusement Park for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers who want to have the acceleration of time. Adventuredome offers numerous attractions for people of all ages. Some of the most popular rides include Canyon Blaster, Sling Shot, chaos, Lazer Blast, and spongebob Squarepants 4-D ride.

Enchanted forest Oregon at number 7 most popular amusement parks in the United States. This amusement Park presents several districts where the favorite stories can be found. They include Alice in Wonderland and Mother Goose. In addition, the Enchanted forest has a haunted house, seasonal shows, and several rides such as roller coasters and amusement rides, log.

In room 8, we have Alabama the militants, formerly known as Visionland. This Park consists of a magic adventure theme Park and Splash Beach water. Its famous attractions include raft a wild river gorge and the Rampage wooden coaster.

Moving on at number 9, if you prefer an amusement Park with a Wild West theme, you can check Wild West Town Donley in Illinois. This Park has shows, a number of attractions, the area where visitors can play and interact with ponies, and a Museum dedicated to the Old West.

The top 10 is the Dutch village in Michigan. This is perfect for you, if you prefer more of an amusement Park in the European style. This Park offers a 19th century Netherlands setting with a carousel and a swing ride

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