Amusement Park La Ronde

One of the biggest and most popular canadian amusement parks were built in Montreal (Saint Helena) in 1967, on the eve of the international exhibition “Expo”. This Kingdom of thrills covers an area of 59 hectares, which is home to more than 40 different rides. Every year, La Ronde is visited by 2 and a half million holidaymakers.

Ride to shout

The oldest “roller coaster” in the Park of Montreal – the famous “Monster” (Le Monstre), the track with wooden rails with a height of about 40 meters. Curved air on the road famously fly 7 trailers, each of which fits 4 people. The system safety belts are made so as to maintain the passengers the illusion of constant danger – it seems that they are not able to fix the person.

One of the Park’s adrenaline slides – “Vampire”. Her people do not go, but rather fly – the passengers are located on the outboard seats (like those used in ski lifts), dangling his legs in the air. The speed is very decent up to 80 km/h. It has a length of 823 meters, periodically lifting and dropping with a 32-metre slopes. In fact, “Vampire” resembles the American attraction “Batman”.

The Park where all dissemenated

Until 2001, the Park belonged to the city municipality, but was later purchased by the American entertainment network Six Flags – which is why today La Ronde is known in Canada as the Park Six flags. The new owners did not spare the money, in 10 years its reconstruction has been invested about $ 90 million.

What did these huge funds, easy to understand, a mere stroll in the Park and “enjoy” the screams of tourists. The local “roller coaster” in no way inferior to their counterparts in the US, and some even surpass them – in terms of the discharge of adrenaline. Not coincidentally, “Six flags” are so wildly popular among fans to tickle your nerves.

The most expensive and the most incredible amusement Park ride – roller coaster “Goliath”, which take passengers to a height of 53 meters. Track length – 1231 meter, and the speed that develops “train”, more than 100 km/hour. Cars when driving and even swinging a few times the part that slows down, then rapidly gaining momentum. After this flight the most persistent people get off on shaky legs. To create a “Goliath” had spent $ 18 million.

But in the Park you can not just go on different rides and take part in interactive entertainment. With the help of special consoles and 3D-screens of the Japanese firm “Nintendo” anyone can travel into the unique world of computer games, like animating happening, chat with your favorite characters, spend time in the company of Super Mario dinosaur Yoshi, or the popular “toon”.

Park La Ronde is the site of the Festival of fireworks and amazing laser show. A special pleasure you can get if you visit this place on Halloween, it is celebrated here in the last two weeks of October. At this time, every effort is made in order to scare visitors at their disposal a real House of ghosts, to the same from any angle in the most unexpected moment, you may receive the well known monster “Hollywood spills”.

And to relax after all these shocks, La Ronde will offer their visitors refreshment and a bite to eat at one of the cafes and restaurants. The most popular with tourists is the American McDonald’s.

Entertainment is not for the faint of heart

Stay in this stunning town will cost an adult about $ 50, and children and adolescents – a third cheaper. Babies up to 2 years in La Ronde are free, but so little guests skiing local attractions contraindicated, because most of them are restricted by age “from 12 years”.

But even adults should adequately assess their own health and the condition of the nervous system, going to have fun at Six flags. All the “carrousels” is equipped with a special marking indicating the magnitude of the load on the heart and blood vessels, which should not be ignored.

In La Ronde, you can just ride with the wind or to experience a real adrenaline burst, which is useful not everyone. It is clear that, for security reasons, for rides you can’t bring food, drinks, and extra things to store them in the Park there are special camera.

Six flags open during the whole warm period – roughly, from the second decade of may to end of October. In the days of bad weather (rain or strong wind) most of the rides work temporarily stop.

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