Amusement Park

Emerald city — an amusement Park for the whole family!

Emerald city is the first in Tomsk indoor amusement Park for the whole family, located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center “emerald city”.

Emerald city is more than 100 slot machines and attractions for children, teenagers and adults.

KIDS PLAY for the little ones (from 3 years):

Huge children’s maze at several levels: trampolines, dry pool, bungee jumping, slides, a pipe, a gun, “action”, swings and more.

About 20 slot machines for small

GAME ZONE for teenagers and teenagers:

More than 60 most modern slot machines: mini bowling, shooter games, bingo, racing boat, racing, Moto racing, basketball, hockey!

5D attraction

Awesome game for fans of adrenaline! You like to ride the “roller coaster”?

Then you here!

Wear special glasses clip on the … full immersion in what is happening on screen: rain, wind, spray in the face, fog, and even the rustling of mice — all of this you will feel, and the rocking platform will give the thrills!

Come with your family — have a lot of fun and entertainment in one place!

Magical adventures await You!

Pavilioniene playroom

The playroom for children aged 3-10 years, subject to submission of parent’s passport or other document proving the identity. Children up to three years allowed in parents.

In the games room you must remove your shoes (children can be in changing shoes or socks). Hats, glasses, fragile and sharp objects must be left in the locker room.

Parents who leave their child in the play room, guarantee the lack of allergic and infectious diseases. The administration of the game room reserves the right not to accept the child with obvious signs of colds or infectious diseases into the nursery.

The child is not allowed to bring in a children’s playroom with toys and food, sweets (ice cream, chewing gum, lollipops, etc.).

Prohibited parents and accompanying children people to climb to the second and third floor.

To take the child from the playroom at expiry has the right of a person registered in the questionnaire.

The administration is not responsible for the harm caused to the child in the absence of fault of the staff in the playroom.

If necessary, the employee game room has the right to render first aid, i.e. call an ambulance.

In case of inadequate (aggressive towards other children) the child’s behavior, parents or accompanying persons are obliged to take the child from the playroom.

The decision on the admission of children with disabilities is accepted by the employee slot, estimating the number of children and other factors affecting the safety of the children.

Signature of parent (or other person) in the registration book means the rules and fully agreed with them.

The administration is not responsible for lost items.


Weekdays: from 11:00 to 23:00. Weekends and holidays: from 10:00 to 23:00.

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