Abandoned amusement parks

Outdated amusement parks fascinate and attract with their beauty. In these empty places full of mysticism and mystery, once rested adults and heard the laughter of children.

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Amusement parks in the twentieth century has been a favorite place for a nice family vacation. However, as time goes on, in place of these parks came in other bright, technologically advanced, with new idols for children. “The old guard” was simply not able to compete with them. Many buildings were closed and demolished to make way for shopping centers, while others were abandoned because of debts. However, those that were left, that recall the days when there was fun for adults and children.

Ruined and abandoned parks are filled with special energy, they could be a great place for filming some Thriller. Walking on those mysterious places, I want to look into every corner, sit on each attraction, because here was once full whole life.

The Japanese theme Park Gulliver’s Kingdom is a 2.5-hour drive from Tokyo in the vicinity of mount Fuji. The Park was opened in 1997 with state funds and processtowatch 4 years. The reason for closing the Park was not only financial problems from investors, but “bad” location. Close to a Park in the village of Kamikuishiki located the headquarters of the sect AUM Shinrikyo and a plant for the production of nerve gas sarin, as well as the most famous place plancast.

Amusement Park Nara Dreamland was built in 1961. Its prototype was the American Disneyland. Due to non-payment of taxes and the excessive cost of land, the Park lasted until 2006. After the closure of the amusement Park fell into disrepair, becoming a pile of scrap metal. The restoration of the Park is not possible due to the large investment funds.

This unfinished theme Park is located about 30 km from Beijing in the corn fields in the village of Chenzhuang. “Wonderland” was supposed to be the analogue of the Western “Disneyland” and the largest amusement Park in Asia. But in 1998, construction was halted due to disagreements in the price of land between local authorities and farmers.Abandoned “Wonderland” .

The amusement Park of Planterwald with rides, cafes and green areas are clearly marked on any map, it was abandoned in 2001. Opened, the Park was in 1969 on the banks of the spree in the South-East of the city, but after the merger, the two sides of Berlin lost its relevance due to lack of funding closed. Now here most of the carousels were surrounded by grass and bushes, and because of this, the Park started to look really mysterious, attracting the attention of urban researchers.

Amusement Park Six Flags (Six Flags), located in New Orleans opened in 2003, but because of the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina almost completely destroyed this city, the Park was closed in August 2005. Since then, little has changed and the Park is still closed, despite the attempts of owners to bring it back to life.

Amusement Park Medipark (Dadipark), located in the town of Dadizele was opened in 1949 under the influence of the local pastor Gaston of Deveer. It was one of the most affordable amusement parks. After the accident, which occurred in 2002 (riding on the attraction “Nautic-Jet”, the boy lost his arm), the owners of the Park announced that it will be reconstructed, but due to the high operating costs, the Park was closed.

Non-functioning due to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the city Park in the abandoned city of Pripyat. One of the highly infected places in the city. The amusement Park was set to open on may 1 1986, but it was not to happen because of an accident which occurred 5 days earlier.

Amusement Park Joyland casino (Joyland) was once the largest theme Park in Kansas. After closing the Park was abandoned, and most buildings and rides were destroyed.The history of this Park began in 1933, when Lester Ottaway (Lester Ottaway) has acquired a miniature railroad and decided to create a mobile amusement Park. 50 years of the family business came under the control of the sons of Ottoway Lester (Lester Ottaway). Ten years later the brothers sold the Park a couple of Nelsons. From.

Park, Chippewa lake (Chippewa Lake Park) was built in 1875, Edward Andrews and was a rather large Playground with several rides, until it finally was purchased in 1898 by the family beach. The new owners invested in the Park a lot of money, set up rides, created ads, and he started to make a profit, taking advantage of great popularity in the 1920-ies. Then with the development of the industry of amusement parks and increased competition public interest in it gradually waned until finally.

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