5 beautiful and creepy abandoned amusement parks

Abandoned parks are often used in films to transfer the atmosphere of despair and Apocalypse. Perhaps the world’s most famous amusement Park, long abandoned by man, is the Park of Pripyat. But such apocaliptica urban landscapes in our densely populated world is not so small.

Even in the tiny island of Japan there are places abandoned by man. Nara Dreamland Park was built in the early 1960-ies. For several years he enjoyed incredible popularity. In the Park included several roller coasters, a huge Ferris wheel, arcade games and many other attractions. But soon the Nara Dreamland Park was to visit fewer visitors, which has forced the owners to leave their offspring. It is not surprising, but in our days all carousel machines are in working condition. The hand of vandals have not painted any walls. The impression is that just one moment of this area and left all the people.

2. The amusement Park “Six flags”.

Sometimes parks are dying under the power of natural disasters. For example, the fate of the Park Six flags located in New Orleans, USA, decided in 2005, the legendary hurricane Katrina. After the water receded, owners putlistresource your business, but his fate was resolved.

Fast forward to a prosperous Europe in Medipark, spread in Belgium. Although the Park is neglected recently, it kinds of make you think about what would the world be like without people. The amusement Park was opened in the 50-ies of the last century, for a long time it was a place of attraction for youngsters and couples, due to the very low prices for rides. Despite this in the early 90-ies of Digipark lost their visitors. Only in the early 2000s was an attempt to revive the Park. But the accident that occurred on one of the rides, made this place a final verdict.

Refer further to the East, or rather, visit “Wonderland”, located 30 km from Beijing, China. The Park, located right in the middle of agricultural fields, was conceived as the largest in Asia. But when the owners of “Wonderland” suggested the peasants, who owns the surrounding land, sell their land, had given them a hard failure. Since 1998, the Park has remained half-finished, but still continues to impress with its size.

5. Gulliver’s Travels Park.

A very scary Park “Gulliver’s Travels” is situated in the vicinity of mount Fuji, Japan. His age was incredibly short – only 4 years. The Park although located in a very scenic area, but at the same time, the Japanese fear visited the area. The reason for this was that the Park is located on the border of a forest famous for suicides. And the fresh air was messing with the emissions of a plant for the production of sarin, which is in the vicinity of “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Abandoned parks evoke sad feelings, but at the same time demonstrate the power and beauty of the creative power of nature.

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