25 of the most fabulous parks in the world

Still looking for the perfect place to relax with the whole family? In this collection you will find 25 different places where your children will spend the most memorable vacation in life, and adults will receive their small portion of childhood.”

Magic Kingdom, Florida

Magic Kingdom Disney world in Florida continues to hold first place in popularity among all amusement parks in the world. More than 19 million people have visited the “Magic Kingdom” in the world center of Walt Disney world in Florida in 2014!

Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan

Disneyland in Tokyo is the first disney Park built outside the United States, and has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Territory the Tokyo Park is divided into seven thematic areas, among which is the “Country of the Wild West” and the “universal market”.

California Disneyland is the first Disneyland in the world! It is located in the city of Anaheim in California each year attracts over 10 million tourists.

Park, Disney sea in Tokyo, Japan.

Park, Disney sea, located in Tokyo, fully devoted to the sea theme. It was originally designed with more emphasis on an adult audience, with faster and more dangerous rides. Now he also offers to its visitors travelling on the ship at all ports within the Park.

Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan

This year Park in Osaka celebrates its tenth anniversary, and in 2014, as a special bonus it has opened a separate area “the Wizarding world of Harry Potter”

Epcot Park in Florida

The Park, located on the territory of the Walt Walt Disney world in Florida, visitors will find a futuristic Space ship “Earth” and monorail.

Animal Kingdom at the world center of Walt Disney world in Florida.

It is noteworthy that the Park was opened on Earth Day in 1998. It is the second largest theme Park in the world, which is divided into seven parts: for example, in “Asia” you will be able to raft on the rough river on a raft, and in “Africa” — to communicate with a giraffe.

Hollywood studios Disney, Florida

One of the four theme parks of the Disney universe is dedicated to the heyday of Hollywood; there as in other parks pass daily costume parades and performances.

The hearts of children and adults thrill at the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland Paris, around which are grouped five thematic zones.

Disney’s California adventure parks

Among the most popular attractions of this Park include a Ferris wheel, Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the roller coaster California Screamin’.

Park Universal Studios, Florida

One of the most popular attractions of the Park — a three-dimensional journey into the world of giant robots-transformers The Ride-3D.

Islands of adventure, Florida

Park “Islands of adventure”, located in the heart of Universal Orlando, offers a journey along the river from “Jurassic Park”, where guests can meet with friendly and not really dinosaurs.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park in Hong Kong has been criticized for the handling of sea animals (like Sea world), but there is not getting smaller any animals or visitors.

Amusement Park Lotte world, South Korea

In the Park of Lotte world in Seoul in the same area are located the shopping center, a hotel, a sports complex and a cinema.

Disneyland in Hong Kong

One of the most famous rides of this Park invites visitors to plunge into the world of “Toy Story”.

The amusement Park Everland, South Korea

Park Everland zoo in Yongin, South of Seoul, the largest in Korea entertainment complex.

Park Universal Studios in Hollywood

Park Universal Studios located in Hollywood, offers its visitors access to the set of movies with the possibility of a special VIP tour.

Park of the song dynasty in China

Is a theme Park dedicated to the song dynasty (mid-960’s to late 1200s), located in the city center of Hangzhou.

Park Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Here is certainly worth a ride on a roller coaster “Steel dragon”.

Park Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, China

All are located in Guangzhou, the Park is divided into eight thematic parts, each of which is devoted to the characteristic features of ocean life.

The second most visited European amusement Park (after Disneyland Paris), Europa Park in Germany is divided into 16 themed areas, representing 13 countries in Europe, and even boasts a restaurant with one star Michelin rating.

Sea world, Florida

This Park attracts visitors to the famous show with the whales.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

The Tivoli amusement Park is located in the heart of Copenhagen and is one of the oldest parks in Denmark.

The Efteling, The Netherlands

It is the largest amusement Park in the Benelux, and there are numerous attractions.

Park Walt Disney studios in France

This Park, located in Disneyland Paris, part of the Disney Empire in France, It is dedicated to cinema, show business and inviting backstage.

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